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Powles 53

Central Heating consultation and replacement


Our customer required improvements to an air heating system fitted to a 53 foot motor boat as the existing 5 KW air system could not cope with keeping it warm on cold days and nights.  After discussing various options with the owner- including fitting a supplementary unit to support the existing one... the decision was made to install a wet heating system.

Utilizing a 5kw webasto thermo top c heater and household radiators, we installed  5 radiators,a towel rail and completed all associated plumbing and wiring including a fully programmable 7 day timer and thermostatic control in the saloon.


The aim was to give a even heat through the boat and this was achieved " A game changer" (Owner quote) The results were excellent and now the boat is nice and warm throughout. This system also proves to be a lot more fuel efficient than the air heaters saving on fuel and a bonus feature is that it can be manually selected to heat or not heat the 40 ltr hot water tank.

The owner has since reported that savings on electricity (As the old air heater was supplemented with several electric oil filled and convection radiators) a massive 80% reduction on electricity cost.

Moonraker 36

Head gasket, manifold & Gearbox replacement

Losing power on this classic 6354 starboard engine.


Upon investigation there was a lack of compression on cylinder and upon stripping the top end it was obvious that that due to age (50) general use and salt water... the water cooled manifold had corroded and decayed on the sea water side. This allowed water to enter exhaust valves which made the valves stick.


We removed the head to replace valves and seals, sourced a new manifold to replace the damaged one.


While we were waiting on engine parts the customer had a reconditioned gear box he had found so we swapped that out at the same time as now that the top end.... head, turbo etc, we had plenty of room for access. 


Princess 35

Boat movement plus antifoul preparation and paint

The owner required help as usual assistance wasn't available at the time and the owner supplied all of his preferred consumables.


We crewed the Boat from Weymouth to Portland, attended to oversee the lift out and block off. We carried out a full inspection that included anode inspection and replacement, prop shaft and prop inspection and checked all skin fittings for signs of corrosion.

We replaced 1 anode, wired brushed the props back to a nice clean state then primed and painted the hull, props and shafts. As per the owners request only one coat was applied.

Once the boat was completed to the owners satisfaction we again attended the launch and delivered the vessel safely back to its mooring in Weymouth.

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