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Our Crew

James Smith


James has been a mechanic since 2001 and specialising in cars where he has learned a wide range of mechanical skills and automotive electrics. James spent many years running his own work shop and building off road vehicles, Building the off road vehicles meant he did a lot or steel and alloy fabrication.


James is able to do many types of work with steel and alloy, This is because he can weld.  James can Mig weld and Tig weld meaning he become very helpful in the boat world.


James started doing boat repairs because of his skills in Tig welding as he was able to repair stainless steel.  This then led to him using his other skills as this came easy to him. James's knowledge is very wide and has a grate mind for problem solving.

James his self is a keen boater and owns his own boat where he travels around the south cost.  James has spent a lot of time on the water and skippering other boats other than his own has given him a wide range of understanding.

In the last 10 years the car life has taken a back seat and the boats have become his main focus. because his customers have requested him more and more.

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